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Another Step.

A first step

Well, things are taking longer than thought. But isn’t that always the way. Plans have gotten more complicated, but in a more simplified way. I am dropping all extraneous handles and concentrating on AndrewMakesArt. I intend to try and sell paintings. But to complicate matters I have discovered Woocommerce and Printful. Which should allow me to sell my work directly rather than via places like Redbubble and Society6. While setting this up is doing my head in, long term I should have more control over my destiny. There is more to learn, we shall see.

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As far as my work goes, I want to settle down. “Branding” seems important. But up until now “anything goes” has been more fun. As such I have invented Geometric Expressionism. Simply put, geometry that makes you feel. I acknowledge that others have come up with the phrase before me, but it is mine now. I have started a series of watercolour paintings and hope to achieve a convergence between watercolour, oil, glass and digital mediums. It has been fun doing work over multiple days and there have been a few nice comments. So I’ll try to keep it up. Although I am inclined to keep making fractals and digital mandalas. 

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Planning to plan.

Getting official is becoming annoying.


Probably less annoying than having the ATO come after me but still…


So I am currently thinking that I should keep SoundlessName for daily sketches and Misanthropic Guru for fractals, while I generate a body of work in glass, oil and watercolour. Then try to sell it.


In the meantime I need to wrap my head around accounting and work towards getting an ABN.